Wow!  I do not even know where to start.

Colorado’s Black Canyon is one of the most beautiful things you can see.  It almost looks like it’s out of a start wars movie.  My wife and I couldn’t believe what we were experiencing.  The dark canyon along with the solid granite was oBlack Canyonne of the first things we noticed.  It is so hard to describe until you actually experience it for yourself.  My wife and I were so immersed in it we did not want to leave.  I don’t like saying “Best” but I believe this was the best scenery I have ever seen.

Some of the attractions for the summer at Black Canyon are a highway that give you a scenic view while driving your car.  The park also includes camping, rock climbing and nature walks.  You can also raft or kayak.  I would only raft if you are experienced because that water is powerful and could be very dangerous for someone who just want to try it out for there first time.

Winter attractions could be skiing or snowboarding.  There is also backpacking and snowshoeing which give you the ability to explore more of the terrain.  Make sure you are bundled up because it can get very cold.  Be prepared for all circumstances.  My wife and I snowboarded at this park and the powder was so light it made is so easy to carve into the snow.

Things to remember!  Make sure you are fully present because you want to absorb every moment.  I would recommend you take this experience for a vacation so you can do everything possible at Blacks.  If you plan on driving it will take a few hours.  The park is open year around.  If you plan on camping or getting a hotel it would be smart to make reservations ahead of time.  Bring your hiking boots and back up your bags and Visit Black Canyon.

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park


Mesa Verde National Park is known for it archaeological sites.    Some archaeological sites that are must to see are: Badger House, Cedar Tree Tower, Far View, and Sun Temple.  Badger House was amazing to see man made Basketmaker Pithouse.  Cedar Tree Tower is a tower that was build in A.D. and is unknown why it was built.  Far View  possibly had 50 different villages there at one point in time.  Sun Temple is very interesting to imagine how much effort and man power it took to build the Temple.  You have to see this if you are in Colorado.  Check out visitmesaverde for more information.

Mesa Verde has many cliffs dwellings, farming terraces, towers, reservoirs, and check dams.  Balcony has 40 rooms and can be seen climbing up a ladder.  When my wife and I went we had a tour guide that showed this magnificent site.  You have to hire a tour guide to see this.  Cliff Palace has more then 150 rooms.  When you look at these rooms there is no word to describe this knowing that people could build such a beautiful structure with little technology. Long House is a 12 mile winded road that has a fire trail that was at one point a major fire.  Spruce Tree House is the third biggest cliff dwelling.  This dwelling was know to have 130 rooms and a possibility 80 people here at one time.   The last but not least is called Step House.  The Step House is found by driving a 12 miles road.  The cliff dwelling took us one hour to get through the whole tour.  If you drive up to Mesa Verde National Park make sure you get the best window tint so you not baking in the sun.

Here are some things you should bring on your trip.  Sun screen, hiking boots, map, extra jacket, flashlight, matches, snacks, water, and a tarp.  These are the things my wife and I brought.  I’m not saying you have to bring all these.  My motto is “better be safe the sorry.”  Having these essential items can safe your life if you possibly would end up stranded.  Be safe and enjoy your trip if you decide to go to Mesa Verde National Park.  If you want any advice or questions about the park just contact me.  

Are you thinking about a vacation?  Pikes Peak is a outstanding place to take a family vacation.  You can hike, bike, train, or even drive to the top of the mountain.  I promise if you visit Pikes Peak you will take this memory with you for the rest of your life.  There are so many Pike Peak attractions.  From bars, cliff dwellings, river expeditions, zoo, and many more.  Trust me go to Pikes Peak and you wont regret it.

Pikes Peak is a beautiful scenery and I would recommend anyone to see.  It is a gorgeous site to be seen.  When my Wife and I first hiked the mountain and reached the peak it was a WOW moment.  Being up so high and looking down on the valley felt a since of freedom.  Everything was picture perfect from the tress, mountains, air, and the way the snow settled on the peaks it was a breath taking moment that will always stay with me. Visiting different parts of Colorado is why I love it here.  There are so many places to see. Stay Tune!  Here is a video below of Pike Peak.


Hey Guys and Girls welcome to my new website  This website will be based on travel and my experience at my new home in Denver Colorado.  Denver, Colorado is a beautiful city and I would like to share with you my experience living here.   Check out here to get to know me.  In the mean time check out this video about Colorado!    Coming Soon. Check back soon